How to Use Our Organic Ginger Eye Serum (Very Easy...)

At Hello Beauty Club, we love simplicity.

You can apply or product in less than a minute following these steps.

Do this ritual twice per day to keep your eyes moisturized, smooth & young.

It should be applied in the morning before starting your day and 15 minutes before going to sleep.


#Step 1: Wash your face

You should wash your face properly before applying eye serum.

In order to allow your skin to absorb the eye serum easily, you should be washing your face using water.

Prevent washing your face with hot water as it can dry your skin, thus, leaving you with inflamed and redness on the skin.

Prefer using cold water as it cleanses your skin thoroughly and stimulates blood flow.

#Step 2: Use our organic eye serum

Now, take some eye serum and apply to the under-eye area using the finger ring.

You should always apply serum using the finger ring or the fourth finger as it is the weakest finger which will ensure that you don’t apply too much pressure on the eye area.

Prevent applying too much pressure on the skin so that the sensitive skin around the eye is not damaged.

Massage the eye serum in a circular motion and make sure that you cover all the area.

It is always advised to apply a thick layer of the eye serum so that it penetrates deep into the skin and also promote brighter looking skin.

Let your skin absorb it for a minute.

#Step 3: Enjoy a brighter and younger look

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