Best Natural Skincare Routine

Let’s start by addressing the question that’s likely on your mind if you’re thinking about investing in new products to build out your skincare routine. You want to see real results, and we don’t blame you! 

Clever advertising from a lot of major beauty companies may have conditioned you to believe that you need strong chemicals to effectively treat skin issues like acne, blemishes, and signs of ageing. So let’s clear it up once and for all…

natural skincare

Do natural skincare and beauty products actually work?

Yes! We’ll let you in on a little secret, if you incorporate the right natural ingredients into your skincare routine, they can be just as (if not more!) effective than products formulated with a long list of hard to pronounce chemicals. Most customers nowadays prefer natural ingredients like oils and botanicals in their skincare formulations.

If you want skincare that’s safe, effective, and good for the environment, always look for products that are powered by natural ingredients. After all, there’s a reason they’ve been used in beauty treatments for thousands of years! The next time you’re considering purchasing a new brand of skincare or cosmetics, have a look at the ingredients list. If you see ingredients like ginger, lavender, green tea, and natural oils (think olive, safflower, and argan) – you’re in good shape. 

If you’re not sure which natural ingredients do what, check out our list of the most valuable and powerful ingredients for brighter, healthier-looking skin. If you’re ready to nourish your skin and bring out your inner glow Hello Beauty Club has got you covered with beautiful vegan and cruelty-free skincare products – without any harmful chemicals!

Morning natural skincare routine

Like the rest of your body, your skin works hard repairing itself overnight, so it’s important to start your morning by treating it to a little TLC. It’s also a great way to fortify your skin’s protective barrier before you expose it to irritating free radicals like weather, pollution, and UV rays.

 1. Cleanse 

Let’s start with a good cleanse. Excess oil can build up as you sleep, so make sure to wash it away by cleansing with a gentle, detergent-free cleanser. Wet your face and apply a dime-sized amount with your fingertips, making sure to focus on your T-zone when applying – this is the part of your face where you probably see breakouts pop up due to excess oil and bacteria, so it’s important to keep it clean. 

 2. Serum

Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deep into cells to deliver active ingredients such as vitamins and retinol into your skin. Because they’re easily absorbed, your skin cells will receive a higher concentration of these active ingredients, which means they’ll pack a serious punch in terms of skin benefits. 

To create a lasting glow, you want to start the day with ingredients that revitalize and refresh skin. Vitamins C, E, and F (all found in our Natural Face Serum) are all good ones to prioritize.

Vitamin F (otherwise known as Linoleic Acid) provides moisture and plumpness without weighing down the skin. It also helps strengthen that protective barrier we mentioned, so your skin is as strong as possible. 

When your face is fresh and clean from a cleanse, gently apply 1-2 pumps of serum over your face, neck and décolletage and leave to sink in before applying your moisturiser.

3. Face Cream

Moisturisers can also create a barrier on your skin to protect it from irritation. After your skin is clean, cleansed, and nourished with a face serum, a moisturiser helps lock in all that goodness and prevent skin irritation from outside elements. Moisturised skin is less likely to be prone to blemishes and acne so you can keep your complexion bright and beautiful. 

There are tons of options, but not all moisturizers are created equal – it’s important to look at the ingredients inside your face creams before you purchase. If you’re interested in some holistic hydration, look for products with naturally hydrating ingredients such as Argan Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, and Marshmallow Root.

You’ll find all those and more inside our Natural Argan Face Cream from Hello Beauty Club. 

Evening natural skincare routine

You’ve had a long day, and chances are, so has your skin! If you’ve touched your face throughout the day or have been wearing makeup, your skin will be ready for a refresh by the time the night roles around. 

1. Remove makeup

Start by removing makeup with a micellar water or other makeup remover (oil-free is best). To avoid rubbing the gentle eye area with your fingers, try applying makeup remover with our Reusable Bamboo Make-up Pads Kit for a re-usable, sustainable alternative. It even includes a net so you can easily wash and care for your pads for continued use.

2. Cleanse again:

Once you’re makeup-free, its time to cleanse again. As long as you’re using a gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils,  it’s important to cleanse your skin twice a day. The products that follow in your routine will absorb better if applied to clean skin with pores opened. 

3. Exfoliate 

Once or twice a week, after you’ve cleansed, add in the step of exfoliating the skin with a facial scrub made with natural ingredients. Exfoliating can help unclog pores, smooth rough skin, and allows other skincare products to absorb better into the skin. Sugars, oatmeal, and coffee grounds are all natural ingredients to look for – they can gently exfoliate the skin without irritating it. 

4. Serum (again!)

After cleansing, it’s time for a face serum. Like we said, serums are powerful, so there’s no harm in giving your skin a second application before you head to bed. Make sure to give it a few moments to sink into the skin of your face, neck, and decalotage so it can fully absorb. 

5. Eye Cream: 

A thick eye cream is super important to incorporate into your evening skincare routine. By letting an eye cream or serum absorb overnight, you’re fool-proofing your morning. By keeping the eye are hydrated and fortified with vitamins overnight, puffy eyes and bags will be a thing of the past. 

Whether your concern is fine lines, puffiness or dark circles, the skin around the eyes is often one of the first places to show signs of tiredness or ageing. Because your under eye skin is particularly thin and delicate, it pays to apply products that have been formulated specifically for this area.

By giving a little extra hydration and antioxidants to the eye area, wrinkles and crow’s feets can be dramatically improved. If you’re looking for a nourishing choice in eye creams that’s also powered with natural ingredients, the Organic Ginger Eye Cream  from Hello Beauty Club is a great place to start.

How do you get started establishing a natural skincare routine?

Don’t overthink it, we make it easy! Hello Beauty Club offers four essential products in our Natural Skincare Box, so you’ll be ready to get your complete natural skincare routine started in one go. It includes Organic Ginger Eye Cream, Natural Argan Face Cream, and a Natural Face Serum with Retinol + Vitamins C, E, F and comes in one handy box – how good is that?

Not only does natural skincare benefit you and your skin, it helps out our planet as well! Remember, all of Hello Beauty Club’s products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, planet-friendly & dermatologically tested. So you can feel good about using them.